Iya jointly with Dr Olga Bogatyreva published Toolkit for a Space Psychologist: to support astronauts in exploration missions to the Moon and Mars. This book captures the official reports from the European Space Agency (ESA) study, Technologies and Techniques for Psychological Support of astronauts during exploration missions to the Moon and Mars. The study was commissioned by the ESA in 2005 even before the UK Space Agency was formed in 2010.


Iya, since having her own children, designs black and white visual books for babies to tap into their developmental potential and give them the best possible start on our unique planet Earth. These books Iya designed using her expertise designing visual displays for pilots and astronauts and the latest research on newborn babies’ visual perceptions.

Books are available in a paperback and as a SPECIAL GIFT EDITION in hardback covers via Amazon Worldwide, including Amazon UK, Amazon US and Barnes & Noble and in the United States.

The EARTH DESIGN book series are great for making time to bond with your baby. It is also a great gift, welcoming a newborn baby to Earth with their first book and making them love reading at first sight, literally!