Hi! Welcome to Iya’s page. Iya’s family priorities are making the world a better place for children, so that children on Earth may realise their full potential and continue to explore our wondrous Universe and keep uncovering its secrets.

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Iya is a Director of the Centre for Space Medicine at Mullard Space Science Laboratory, UCL. She is at the forefront of applied research, developing methods to explore and realise human potential. Iya is developing and designing interaction with people, technology and the environment to improve quality of life. Now, she has been selected as the new Chair of the Space Environment Working Group (SEWG) advising to the UK Space Agency. Recently, Iya also has been invited to represent SEWG at the UK Space Exploration Advisory Committee.

Iya went through the Astronaut Instructors training course at the European Astronaut Centre (EAC). At EAC she worked as a Human Behaviour Performance Specialist and contributed to the development of the Human Behaviour Performance course for the new European Astronaut corp. She leads and continues to support ESA funded project, Expert Tool to Support Crew Autonomous Operations in Complex Human Spacecraft. She directed ESA Study on the development of Technology and Techniques for Psychological Support of the crew during exploration missions to the Moon and Mars. The results of these projects and the MoD anti-terrorism project lead to the production of video training courses.

Iya also was a part of an International Technology Alliance (ITA) in Network and Information Science US-UK collaboration team, developing tools that will help overcome linguistic and cultural miscommunication in a military coalition environment. Her research and development expertise also extend into the design of Humanoid Robots and development of Human-Robot Interactions applied design concepts that can enhance human abilities and allow operation in otherwise novel and extreme environment.

She enjoys public engagement and works with TV and Radio. Most recently on the BBC Science TV Series, ASTRONAUTS: Do you have what it takes. Iya as a Space Psychologist was one of three experts together with Astronaut ISS Commander Chris Hadfield and Prof Kevin Fong taking twelve highly accomplished individuals through the real astronaut selection process.


Origami paper craft, flying, scuba diving, skydiving and since having two children, designing books for children about Space, Engineering, Science and Nature.


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Title: Andromeda Galaxy seen in visible light
Released: 04/01/2011 2:57 pm
Copyright: Robert Gendler
The Andromeda Galaxy is our nearest large galactic neighbour. It contains several hundred billion stars, and is captured here at optical wavelengths. Hot stars shine with blue light, while cooler stars shine yellow.
European Space Agency (ESA) Id: 236002